About Dog Caricatures

Dog caricatures are extremely popular as more and more people are wanting to immortalise their dog and it’s personality forever.? Each personalised portrait of a dog that is requested is always unique as the dog always has a different persona to the last, therefore you can guarantee that you will be receiving a completely custom caricature of your dog.

About Dog Caricatures

What Are Dog Caricatures?

Dog caricatures are pictures/paintings/illustrations of a dog that is portrayed in a funny style, capturing certain features and traits and exploiting them in an ‘over-the-top’ way. It is a different approach the representative artwork most artists create with pets. Look at the caricature gallery to see the work that has been created for people over the world.

The Artist Illustrating Dog Caricatures

The artist, Matt Stinson (based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK), has been creating dog drawings in the caricature style since 2009. He has a background in the creative arts, especially graphic and web design, but has a real passion for illustration in both the traditional sense and the digital. The caricatures he creates are a combination of both hand sketched and digital work. Check out Matt’s web design portfolio too.

What Matt does, when creating your canine illustration, is to take your description of your beloved dog’s character (this is what you would send us) and place that at the root of the caricature for you to recognise. It could be that you love Manchester United (errggghhh!!!!! – he’s a Liverpool fan by the way!!!!!) and you want this incorporated into the picture with your dog drawing. Your pet dog may love to eat burgers and pizzas and therefore you want to have him dressed as a chef. Matt will use what you tell him about your dog unless you say otherwise.

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