Dog Caricature Prices

Our dog caricature prices start at £30.00. They vary depending on printing, canvas size and framing. Please see below for details.

Pug dog caricature prices

Cavalier King Charles dog caricature prices

Digital Dog Caricatures From £30.00

The digital copy of 1 dog caricature includes just the picture with no hard copy or frame to place it in. The dog drawing will be sent over to you via Email, Drop Box or WeTransfer and will be provided in High Print Quality PDFs for you to print yourself.

If you require a caricature to include more than 1 dog then it will be £20 added for each dog. Check out the dog caricature pricing below. Please contact us with any queries you may have?

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Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£30.00
2 Dogs£50.00
3 Dogs£70.00
4 Dogs£90.00
5 Dogs£110.00

Framed Dog Caricatures From £50.00

NB. The frames are available in A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1 size and are available in Black, Silver Colouring, Gold Colouring, Brown, Beige Light Wood and White. Please check here to view the frames.

Framed Border Collie Caricature

Cavalier King Charles Caricature

A5 Frame Prices

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£50.00
2 Dogs£70.00
3 Dogs£90.00
4 Dogs£110.00
5 Dogs£130.00

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A4 Frame Prices

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£60.00
2 Dogs£80.00
3 Dogs£100.00
4 Dogs£120.00
5 Dogs£140.00

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A3 Frame Prices

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£70.00
2 Dogs£90.00
3 Dogs£110.00
4 Dogs£130.00
5 Dogs£150.00

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A2 Frame Prices

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£80.00
2 Dogs£100.00
3 Dogs£120.00
4 Dogs£140.00
5 Dogs£160.00

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A1 Frame Prices

Number of DogsPrice
1 Dog£90.00
2 Dogs£110.00
3 Dogs£130.00
4 Dogs£150.00
5 Dogs£170.00

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